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The Scottish National Racing Pigeon Club is one of the leading Long Distance clubs in the UK. We are open to all pigeon fanciers with lofts situated in Scotland. Compete at the distance and win outright our Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and Prestigious Champion Awards.

The membership fee to the SNRPC is £30.00 and applications should be sent to: Mr John McFall  22 Kirkton Ave,High Blantyre. G720HY. Tel: 01698324638.E/Mail: snrpc.secretary@hotmail.co.uk You can find an application form on our contact page.



Troyes National

Outstanding performance from Ken Buchanan Hamilton

Early pigeons check Race Updates

Congratulations to

Andrew Lees 1st Open Billericay


Lloyd Togneri 1st Open Reims




Please remember and text or e/mail your early arrivals to


email: d.knox595@btinternet.com





Auction Site

SNRPC Auction Site is available to anyone wishing to sell pigeons contact secretary John McFall for details

Click here to visit the SNRPC Auction Site